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Without exception every organisation operates at a number of different levels and has to decide how to do this most effectively and efficiently, which functions to do in-house and which to outsource or sub-contract. Whether it be a small or medium sized company that lacks the necessary skills or a large not-for-profit organisation that would like a fresh independent view of its operations, Solution Management is here to help.

The table below indicates the areas where Solution Management and Perspective Consultants have expertise. Note that many areas can and do overlap, adopting the helicopter view with an ability to zoom in when required is one of our strengths.

helicopter view
   Mission  Structure
   OPERATIONS   Objectives  Communication PROJECTS
  BUDGETS  Support chains  Goals  Culture  Feasibility- RESEARCH
   Reducing   Process Analysis   Long-term  Empowerment   studies  Market research
   Increasing   Efficiency  Mid-term  Creativity  Change-  Socio-economics
   Economic impact   Effectiveness  Short-term  Human resources    management  Changing markets 
   Delegating   Quality systems  Innovation   - Appraisals  Investment-  Evaluation of-
   Rolling   Manufacturing   Scenario-   - Training   appraisals   performance
   Annual   CRM   forecasting   - Conditions  Interim-  Competitors
   Configuration  Measuring-   - Legal   management 
   Environmental    performance   Quality  One-offs
   Resources  Customer service 

Solution Management specialises in feasibility and impact studies for the public sector and Management Processes and Support Chain Analysis in the commercial sector but is interested in discussing commissions in any single area or combination of areas. Recommendations can be supported by action plans that we are happy to put into practice on your behalf. We have faith in our solutions! Initial consultations attract no charge and we will be honest in advising on the scope of what can realistically be covered by ourselves, our partners and within the budget available. We are happy to bid within your organisation's normal tendering process and will submit a proposal on request.

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